Ass Licking – Schoolgirl In Dungeon

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 17/mb
Ass Licking - Schoolgirl In Dungeon

On my way home from school I met this guy who took me to his dungeon. I’ve never seen anything like it. He gently pushed me onto a sawhorse when I saw a camera. "What’s that?" I asked him. He said nothing, but I could tell it was recording from the red light. "This isn’t going on the internet, is it?" He said not to worry, its just for him. I felt a little weird about it, but he started rubbing my ass and it felt so good. Nobody will ever find out, right? He pulls down my panties from beneath my plaid skirt, devouring my pussy and tongue fucking my asshole. His tongue feels so amazing for a moment I forget that I just met this guy and he’s got a camera on my bare ass. Then suddenly I remember I have homework to do. He assures me the video won’t wind up on the internet. As I walk out, I ask, "Um can I get a copy of that?"

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