Blackmailed Into Ass Worship By Your Stepdaughter – Goldie Rush

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 292/mb
Blackmailed Into Ass Worship By Your Stepdaughter - Goldie Rush

Cute pouty brat Goldie starts by looking at you and saying "Hey Stepdaddy we need to talk". She tells you that she has pictures of you doing all kinds of filthy acts and that your relationship is going to change. You are going to buy her a car, and serve drinks and her parties, and even buy a boat for her. Then she wiggles out of her cut off jean shorts and spreads her perfect little ass for you and tells you to get to work. She winks her asshole at you as she makes you beg to kiss her superior asshole. You get to see some amazing closeups as she winks her asshole… you are going to want to kiss your screen! She giggles and laughs at you as you lick her ass, and then tells you that you are her stepdaddy slave now. She tells you that you are a pervert for loving her butthole and orders you to worship it. She orders you to jerk off your cock for you…after all, she owns you now! She counts down from 10 as you jerk off and cum for her, and then she finishes with some disgusting cum-eating orders! A must-have clip for fans of Brat-Femdom!

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