Custom: Booty Therapist Diagnosis Pt.2

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 372/mb
Custom: Booty Therapist Diagnosis Pt

CUSTOM: Booty Therapist Diagnosis PT.1 Loader +1 Tweet ShareHD You’re getting your cure in this ass worship clip where Dr. Perfexxxion diagnosis you with a wicked case of "Booty Obsession". GASP! She urges you not worry as you’ve come to just the right Dr. The scene opens to me in heels and a sexy short romper that my ass cheeks are hanging out of. I turn around and notice you filming and I say "Filming my ass really turns you on huh?" with a flirty smirk on my face. "You need booty therapy", I continue. I walk into the room with your files in hand and, Whoops, clumsy me drops the papers all over the office floor. I bend over in my romper to pick them up. As I reassemble, You can’t take your eyes off of my jiggling booty in these shorts. Once I stand up, you notice my mean ass arch that phat ass profile. Your dick is stretching the crotch of your jeans when I apologize for having my ass in your face. I proclaim that I’ll "be more professional" before I throw that jiggling ass around and start making it clap in my booty shorts. My moaning is begging to bring out your carnal urges, but this is part of the therapy, go with it. I strut this ass over to my stool and desk, and sit in it. My ass facing you, i’m bouncing and moaning while I review your file. My ass is your dick. You can’t take it, you’re even getting the urge to grab it. Then, she turns around with an assuring smile "Looks like you’e got a case of ‘booty obsession’. You’re lucky you came to Dr. Perfexxxion. "I leave the room, and come back in tights that are so fitting, they look painted on. Sitting in the stool again in doggy style, I start shakin’ that ass and moaning. Bouncing my cheeks, twisting my tiny waist round’ and round’. This therapy should leave you so enamored in ass that you’ll be able to function in society without being overwhelmed by your love of thick booty. :)THIS CLIP ALSO INCLUDES KINKS FOR:ASS WORSHIP – BOOTY BOUNCING – BOOTY CLAPPING – MOANING FETISH – TIGHTS FETISH – TABOO – BOOTY SHORTS

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