Skin Tight Black Leggings 5

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 290/mb
Skin Tight Black Leggings 5

Oh boy did I have fun walking around that day. I can tell you!. This clip has LOADS of CLOSE UP footage of my ass, just barely covered in SKIN TIGHT black leggings that are shamefully translucent. I loved walking along knowing that my round ass was being filmed for your pleasure. There were loads of people about as well, just out of shot, and you can see the cars go past in the background as I walk along with my ass on show. Towards the end of the clip I turn round and you get to see just how tight my pants are as my CAMEL TOE is there for all to see.I also can’t resist and I start touching myself…..And I TOUCH myself a lot. I feel my barely covered ass loving the tightness of the material against my skin. Mmmmmmmm this clip is SO RUDE…..

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